by Absolute Author Publishing House

EZ BOOK BLASTER THE ONLY PC AND MAC SOFTWARE CREATED BY AN AUTHOR FOR AUTHORS TO PROMOTE BOOKS. EZ Book Blaster is a PC and Mac software created by one of the founding owners of Absolute Author Publishing House (AAPH). AAPH is a registered American publishing company that publishes non-fiction and fiction books in all genres. The software program was developed for in-house usage to help promote the books that AAPH publishes. When they realized that books published by AAPH consistently launched as the #1 New Release on Amazon, they isolated the marketing steps and strategies they used and identified almost fifty steps to market one book. To market effectively for results in sales, it took hours of manpower. During a staffing meeting, a challenge was issued to create a software program that could save staff time while continuing to promote their books. The end result was the development of EZ Book Blaster, which provides a software as a marketing tool to generic drive traffic to a book’s Url, author website, landing page, podcast, or book trailer. The process can be described as sending real visitors from search engine results pages to a specific Url, thereby driving organic traffic from the in-house subscriber database and setting metatags and keywords to increase SEO rankings. The Software is provided through Absolute Author Publishing House as a subscription paid service according to the length of time chosen by the Consumer. Once, completed, the author can opt to purchase additional traffic from one of the packages available.

For more information please contact us at EZBookBlaster@gmail.com.

Chairman of the Board – Dr. Melissa Caudle 


Dr. Melissa Caudle is one of the founding members of Absolute Author Publishing House and led the charge to develop EZ Book Blaster based on her needs as an author. She has authored dozens of books in multiple genres, writes a blog with more than 1.2 million viewers, and is also considered a media influencer.


Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Carol Michaels


Dr. Carol Micaels comes with more than 28 years of experience in publishing and marketing books and is also one of the founding members of Absolute Author Publishing House.


VP of Sales and Marketing – Jamie Alyson


Jamie Alyson is also an author and an actress. Don’t let that fool you. She also is studying software development and will soon have her degree. Her no-nonsense approach to business is fundamental to the daily operation of EZ Book Blaster. She also manages our customer service department.


Software Quality Assurance Consultant – Timothy Burke


Timothy  Burke is a software consultant, author, audiobook narrator who brings his 30 years of experience in software development testing.


Account Management – Mr. Morgan Stable


Morgan Stable is a certified public accountant with more than 20 years of experience. He is a graduate of Harvard University, is married, has three children, and hopes one day to write a book.


Human Resources – Fatima Orenga


Fatima Orenga brings her expertise to the human resource department, not only for Absolute Author Publishing House but also to EZ Book Blaster. She has more than 12 years of experience in human resource management.


Software Developer – Al-Akhzir


The software is developed by Al-Akhzir Tech (Pvt.) Ltd. provides complete digital solutions including websites, web applications, cloud applications, software, mobile applications, social media marketing, and graphic designing services.